In the world of land-based gambling, modern technology plays a major role in creating exciting and dynamic casinos that will keep players coming back day after day. All modern casinos offer a massive range of video slots as well as classic games, electronic games and virtual games. If you are keeping tabs on the latest casino trends, you may have seen the headline of Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT cloud to the UK. But what does this mean for the players in the UK?

Innovative Technology for the UK Casino Industry

The Grosvenor casino brand is one of the biggest land-based casino brands in the UK; they are considered a true powerhouse in the casino industry. Many players might be familiar with their range of land based casinos as well as their online casino site that has been entertaining players from around the world with the latest slots and live casino games. By the same token, IGT is considered to be one of the biggest casino software and game providers in the world. When the news broke that Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT cloud to the UK, the industry sat up and took notice.

The Perfect Partnership

Essentially what has happened is that the Grosvenor Casino Group has implemented and rolled out the IGT cloud in three of their land-based casinos in London, Reading and Coventry. By implementing the cloud, the casinos will have instant access to the full IGT game library as well as their advanced analytics systems. The news line “Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT cloud to the UK” means that these casinos are the first in the UK to implement this technology and be able to access the entire IGT game range on any of their live machines.

Benefits for the Players

But how does this affect the players? For starters, the three Grosvenor Casinos that have implemented the cloud will be able to offer the latest IGT slots as soon as they are released. The games can be downloaded and installed on the machines within a few minutes for the public to try out on the same day. It also means that the casinos will be able to arrange their games in accordance to the demand or the trends determined by the players themselves. The news line Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT cloud to the UK actually means that players get to play more of the games they want without having to wait for an available machine.

Benefits for the Casino

With the IGT cloud implemented in the casino, the casino manager can keep tabs on which games get more play time and draw in more players. What Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT cloud to the UK means for the casino is that they can instantly swap any machine over to the most popular game at any time. The casino can set whole banks of machines to run the biggest games as soon as they come out or implement an old classic if the demand is high.