Coverage of Mixed Martial Arts events has grown exponentially over the past few years. This is largely due to the soaring success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which has brought the world’s top fighters together under one banner.

Betting on MMA events is very straight-forward too, so if you’re a fan, making some money off of the fights you’re watching anyway is pretty easy to do!

Getting Started

In MMA fights, two opponents enter the cage and battle one another until a winner is declared. Money Line wagers are by far the most popular type of stake, but you can bet on all sorts of happenings. There is an Over/Under option for Total Rounds, or you could try to predict How the Fight Will End. Markets for this sport are slightly more limited than for things like American Football, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer because there aren’t as many statistics available.

But Fight Winner, Which Round the Fight Will End In, and Method of Victory provide a wagering landscape that will suit most fans!

Fight Winner

These are sometimes referred to as the Money Line and all you need to do is predict which contestant will come out on top. Both fighters will be given odds to win and odds on the favourites will pay out less than those on the underdog. For example, in an imaginary bout between Stipe Miocic at -325 and Anthony Johnson at +325, Miocic is the obvious favourite. To win 100 with a bet on him, you’ll have to stake 325. In comparison, Adesanya is the underdog, and a wager on him to win will net you 250 if he does!

Prop Betting

In MMA, Prop bets include Over/Under totals on The Number of Rounds the Fight Will Last, Which Round a Fighter Will Finish In, and Whether or Not a Fighter Will Win by Decision, TKO, or Submission.

There are actually many different opportunities available when it comes to MMA Prop stakes and, as the sport advances, bookmakers are no doubt going to start adding to this list. Options we’re already seeing include Significant Strikes and Takedowns.

Round Betting

When it comes to a UFC bout, you have a 1 in 5 chance of correctly guessing the ending, and that’s if you just shut your eyes and throw a dart at a board to make your pick! When you factor in a working knowledge of the contestants, your gut feeling fine-tuned from the time you’ve spent watching them and others compete, and information on the fighters gleaned from the internet, you can really improve your chances.

Spend just a short time studying up and you’ll be able to almost guarantee a win! Find out if either fighter has been able to go the distance before and work out what their respective KO power is. Do either have a record of KOs in the first round?

This kind of homework is a lot more enjoyable than the kind you’re used to from your school days and will make it that much more certain that you can turn a profit.