The National Rugby League is the foremost professional rugby league in Australia and consists of 16 teams. The annual championship, known as the Telstra Championship, is the most widely watched and attended rugby league competition around the world, and runs from March to October. Matches take place across Australia and New Zealand over the championship season, and as such NRL bets are popular amongst Aussie and Kiwi punters alike.

During the Premiership season, matches are played every weekend for 26 weeks until the end of September, ahead of the Final rounds and the Grand Final match. With such a high volume of matches being played, there are many opportunities for NRL bets.

Know Your Market for the NRL Bets

The sheer volume of matches played throughout the championship season provides excellent opportunities for NRL wagers, and players can hone their skills over the course of the championship. Due to the incredible popularity of NRL, there is a massive betting market and a wide variety of different NRL bets that can be placed on a given match. Wagers on the internet can be placed on individual matches, teams, or players, as well as the Championship as a whole.

Due to the huge variety of choices for NRL matches, it can be difficult to decide which bet would be best and this is why looking at odds is so important when it comes to placing NRL bets. If you’re having trouble deciding, take a look at the odds of a few different betting markets. Choose a type of wager which enjoys alluring odds, and if you’re a novice punter, start low and work your way up.

Types of the NRL Bets

Like options in the UFC betting, even with the mass of choices for NRL bets, some remain more popular than others, so it’s good to understand how these work.

Outrights: This is a wager placed on which team will be the winner of the tournament as a whole. This type of wager generally enjoys alluring odds as the bet is placed at the beginning of the championship season, before there is enough information available to better inform the bet.

Season points: A wager placed on how many points a team will score over the season as a whole.

Match betting: This is the simplest and most straight forward of the lot. This type of wager sees the punter deciding who they think will be the match victor, or if the match will end in a tie.

Types of NRL Bets

Finding a Suitable Sportsbook

New Zealand punters will most likely be aware of the strict legislation which has been placed on the sports betting market in the country. While there are over 600 TAB outlets across the country, there is only one online sportsbook where New Zealand punters can place wagers. As such, many Kiwi punters are looking at offshore sportsbooks when it comes to placing their wagers. There is no fine or penalty if Kiwi’s go this route, which has led to a surge in this type of wagering.

When searching for NRL bets, the Kiwi punter will be faced with an overwhelming number of sites to choose from. Therefore it is important for punters to do a bit of research before choosing the site most suitable to them. Take a look at the deposit and withdrawal options, as well as the turn-around time. The most reputable sites will offer quick access to deposits and withdrawals, and will have wide range of options. Sign up bonuses makes online sports betting all the more attractive, and the best sites will match the first deposit up to a certain limit.