A common practice in both Australia and the rest of the world, handicap betting can be found in points-based sports betting, such as rugby, soccer, basketball and even in horse racing.

Handicap betting essentially affects the way in which the odds are shown, which is why it is important to understand why handicaps should influence betting choices. This can be achieved by getting to know exactly what handicap betting is, how it is presented and the types of handicap bets that are available.

Handicap Betting Explained

Australian gamblers new to handicap bets will be pleased to know that it is a simple process to understand. Handicap betting plays out with a bookmaker turning a sporting event where there are varied odds given on an even-money contest.

This is done by giving an advantage or disadvantage to competitors to even the field, with points-based sports creating an even-money contest through adding points to the side that is considered to be the underdog. For example, if Toronto FC were playing Scarborough, they may give Scarborough a 2-0 handicap advantage, which would ultimately mean that if you bet on Toronto to win and they only win by one point, you lose your bet.

If you consider the bookmaker’s side, Toronto only making one goal means that they lost 2-1, so it is important to remember the handicap only applies to what you are betting on.

How Handicaps are Presented

Taking the above example into consideration, the handicap match betting could be expressed as Toronto (-2), Scarborough(+2) 2/1 and the Handicap Tie (-1) 3/1 at https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/apps.

If the match ended with a 1-0 victory to Toronto, you would lose because of the fact that Toronto would need to win by the number of goals that is represented in the handicap.

Handicap Wagers

No-Draw Handicap Match Betting

The reason that handicap betting exists is due to the fact that it makes one-sided sporting events slightly more exciting for those that enjoy some thrilling Australian sports betting action from time to time.

There are a large number of bookmakers that offer No-Draw handicap bets in order to guarantee a winner in terms of the bet, irrespective of the game’s outcome. This is done by giving half handicaps to specific teams.

Handicap League Betting

Handicap league betting is actually one of the most popular types of handicap bets in Australia, whereby punters make a bet according to a team’s performance throughout the course of the season.

In this form of betting, punters have to place their bets at the start of the season based on a range of odds that have different handicaps for all teams in that division. The scratch handicap of 0 will be given to the league favourites, while all other teams are given a handicap that is based on what the bookmaker expects of their performances.

This ultimately means that larger handicap advantages will be given to the teams that have been deemed weaker so as to even the field – just another reason as to why handicaps should influence your betting choices.