A bookmaker is an individual or company involved in the betting world that handles almost all of the bets associated with sporting events. They can be a locally based person offering small bets on the side at work, or multinational companies offering thousands of wagers across the world through websites. Choosing the right bookie can make all the difference when it comes to betting, as there are plenty out there that are willing to mess their customers around for the sake of a quick buck.

Using these following tips and tricks can help a new bettor find a bookmaker that’s just right for them.

Customer Service

At the end of the day, a bookmaker is nothing more than a company offering a specific service, and like any public-facing company, customer service is important, especially when a customer is facing some kind of problem. A bookie that provides 24/7 customer service that has a great reputation is something of a necessity for anyone that takes their betting seriously. Having easy methods of contact can also make a huge difference; sometimes an email just doesn’t get through, so having the ability to call them at any time of the day or night is a solid point in favour of a potential bookie.

Banking Methods

Along with decent customer service, a good bookie will also provide a number of different banking methods for its customers. With banking online become more diversified than ever, now including cryptocurrencies, locating a bookie that accepts as many as possible – with fees that aren’t too high – should be a priority for any bettor interested in saving as much money as possible. Withdrawal and deposits should also not be a problem at all, along with the fees that accompany them.

Welcoming Bonuses

There’s nothing betting than signing up for a new service and receiving a great welcoming bonus. These can come in the form of a free bet, extra credit, or sometimes even a bit of extra free money. It’s also important to be careful at this stage, as a bookie may slip in certain conditions attached to a welcoming bonus that the bettor may regret further down the line. Taking the time to find a promising welcoming bonus that doesn’t have any questionable conditions is a positive sign that the bookie is not out to steal anyone’s money.

The Sports Covered

Not all bookies are equal, and it means that one bookie that might look extremely promising may not actually cover the kind of sporting events that the bettor is hoping to wager on. A bookie will always have its sportsbooks up on display, which can give an excellent overview of what to expect. It also allows a visitor to understand how easy a bookie’s sportsbook is to operate, how quickly they can find a market that they want, as well as the variety and range of bets available. It’s worth taking the time to do some investigation before committing to anything long-term.