If your aim, like anyone else’s, is to turn a profit from your sports betting online, then finding the most competitive odds for every wager you make is a non-negotiable. This is the reason you’ll find it widely recommended that you hold accounts with more than one bookmaker online. This makes it easier to not only compare odds but quickly make the bet once you find them! We advise you to find at least three sportsbooks you like and get your real money account up and running at each.

Why You Need to Compare Odds

If you share the opinion of many bettors out there, you may not see the huge value in taking time out to compare odds before every bet. Maybe you think it’s a waste of time and that 0.5 on 1 isn’t enough to warrant your search.

The thing is, bookmaker odds could vary as much as 0.20 better on each 1 you bet and this difference gets amplified in a huge way with less popular sports events. Remember, every tiny bit adds up, and that 0.05 you’re saving becomes 5 for every 100 you win and then 50 on each 1 000. If you make 10 000 worth of successful wagers every 12 months, you’re looking at a minimum of 500 extra in your pocket just for comparing odds!

An Example of Odds Comparisons

Let’s create an imaginary UFC event to illustrate the importance of shopping for the most competitive odds. We’ll make up odds for the main fight from make-believe sportsbooks to illustrate our point. The reason we’re going for https://australianbettingsites.org/mma/ is that this is a prime example of a lesser-known sport, and these fights frequently show huge discrepancies in the odds.

The main event of this card is Jon Jones vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Bookmaker A: Jones (-800) and Nurmagomedov (+550)

Bookmaker B: Jones (-700) and Nurmagomedov (+500)

Bookmaker C: Jones (-750) and Nurmagomedov (+475)

Bookmaker D: Jones (-750) and Nurmagomedov (+400)

Here, Bookmaker B has the best odds for wagers on Jones at -700, while Bookmaker B is the sportsbook to go with if you think Nurmagomedov is going to win, thanks to the +550 odds. If you stake on him and he manages an upset, you’ll only collect 400 at Bookmaker D compared to the 550 Bookmaker A would have paid you out!

Top-Rated Bookmakers and Great Odds

Check out comparison sites to find the sportsbooks that offer the events you enjoy watching and want to wager on. Check out the free bet offers, special promotions, and extra services and double-check that the site is properly licensed and regulated. Read the reviews carefully to make sure you’re getting the best deal each time and have fun with the comparison process! You’ll soon notice a big difference in your returns.

There is a vast amount of information available for every aspect of betting online and you need to put it to use in ensuring your winning bets outweigh your losing ones. We’re here to help!