The world has produced many celebrities. We’ve seen people being famous for many different reasons. There are actors, singers, artists, and socialites – to name but a few. The world of sports has also seen celebrities and so too has the world of gambling. Gambling has evolved to online gambling and as sure as day, online gambling and online poker, also has its own set of celebrities.

One would think that playing poker online professionally, would be an easy task. Afterall you can do it from your home. But it requires even more concentration and a great deal of stamina to be able to stare at your computer screen for hours on end and stay focused. Here are just three of the most well-known online poker players.

The Swedish Flower

Viktor Blom is a 29 year old, online poker player from Sweden. He started playing poker in his early teens and by the age of 15 had already built up a bankroll of over quarter of a million dollars. But life happened and Blom lost everything. Instead of letting it get him down, he decided to pick himself up and started again from scratch.

He returned to the game with such determination that in two weeks he won about 1.7million us dollars. His total winnings to date stands at over 3 million US dollars and Blom continues to be one of the most celebrated online poker players. He has competed in some of the world’s biggest online poker tournaments and came out at the top. And one thing to mention here is if you are from Canada and want to try out this gambling option on your smartphone, you can check out mobile casinos.

Tom Dwan Poker Player

New Jersey Durrrr

32 year old Tom Dwan goes by the internet alias of ‘durrrr’. This Boston University student decided to drop out of university to build his career as an online, professional poker player. His total winnings in online poker sits at about 3.4 million US dollars, but this excludes the winnings that he made in cash. He has been reported as a ruthless online poker player.

In fact, Dwan is so celebrated and well known that he has been written about in the book ‘Ship it Holla Ballas!’ written by Jonathan Grotenstein and Storms Reback. The book features the worlds best online poker pros. He has regularly played against other poker pros, sometimes for hours on end, managing multiple online tables at the same time.

Maryland Jungleman

Jungleman12 is the name under which online poker player Dan Cates appears when he is playing. This 30-year-old man from Maryland, has reported to have won about 11 million US dollars in online poker tournaments and this is only his online winnings. Of those winnings, in 2010 alone, he made a whopping 5 million US dollars.

His love for poker began when he was just a teenager. Later he attended the University of Maryland but dropped out to pursue a career in poker. A story that holds true for so many poker players. He did however graduate from Micro Stakes Online. Cates, or Jungleman12, remains an incredibly good and successful online poker player.