Flash used to be the be all and end all when it came to running animations, movies, games and sometimes even entire websites. Every laptop or desktop came standardly installed with Flash and users didn’t have to worry to do anything to access any of the above. In fact, up until 2015, even YouTube used Flash as a way of running their videos and ads.

But the Flash program had many flaws in it. One of the those many flaws was the fact that it was easily hacked and information about the user could be gotten fairly easy. It was also known to have additional malware and all kinds of nasties attached to it, or rather, it welcomed those onto your machine. Finally, in 2020, Adobe decided to call it quits and end the Flash lifespan.

HTML, Zero to Hero

HTML5 is a computer language that can be used pretty much like Flash used to be, but it is also so much more. It made it’s first appearance in 2008 and it open doors. For the first time a universal programming language was created that could be understood by man and machine. The language required no other plug ins to operate and was much safer to use than its predecessor.

Online Casinos were worried about what they would do with the decline of the Flash program and how they would be able to replace it. When HTML5 came along it allowed them to almost plug the new language into their old sites, to be mutated into the new language. One could say that online casinos underwent an evolutionary change.

How Does HTML5 Make My Online Gambling Better?

The first and most important thing to know is that HTML5 is a much safer programming platform than Flash. As it is not as easily hacked. It also does not invite all kinds of nasty software bugs to come and live on your device. This makes all of your personal information secure. Remember when you play at online casinos, your banking details are out there and your online casinos wanted your information to be safe.

The HTML5 language not only made your data safe but it changed the way that programs and online games were written. In a further attempt to give you the best gaming experience, online casinos opted to go with HTML 5. This switch over allows them to create better, more interactive and more involved gambling games for you to enjoy.

HTML5 In Your Hand

Another huge turning point was that Flash could not be used on mobile devices. The iPhone was the first mobile device to openly endorse HTML5. Other mobile phone manufacturers saw the value in this and also switched over. As you can imagine, this was the big bang of mobile phone online gambling. It would seem like something so small and yet the impact of switching from Flash to HTML5 opened and entirely new market to the world of online gambling.